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Angelo RC Inc. Flying Field Rules
1. AMA cards will be used on the frequency board when any flier is on the field

2. Pilot stations must be used for all flying including helicopter and electric aircraft operations. Exceptions helicopter and small 3D electrics (see 13). In Addition, if only one pilot is practicing 3D, the pilot and spotter may stand on the runway, but must return to the pilot station if another pilot announces flight intentions.

3. No pit taxiing is permitted. After landing, no taxing past the double yellow stripe.

4. When two or more planes are flying, a race track pattern will be observed. Fly over the runway in to the wind, at least 300 ft. or more to the outside of the runway downwind.

5. No flying over the pit area, spectator area, or parking area at any time. An effort will be made to fly away from Arden Road and the building to the south.

6. Beginners or unsure pilots will be supervised by an experienced pilot.

7. No pilot will be permitted to fly after consuming alcoholic beverages.

8. Be courteous! Limit flying time to 15 minutes per flight.

9. Engines shall be muffled or piped to reduce noise and there will be no needless running of engines while others are airborne.

10. The running of engines is not allowed under the canopy or on the worktables in the canopy area. The two safety benches at each end of the field can be used for running engines.

11. Observe others flying aircraft before going onto the runway to retrieve a plane. ALWAYS sound out to inform other pilots of your intentions.

12. No 3D flying is allowed directly in front of the pilot stations when other aircraft are flying.

13. Flying of helicopters and small electric 3D type aircraft may be performed from the North end of runway adjacent to the pilot positions, assuming the area is free of other activities. The AMA 25 foot rule must be observed.

14. All AMA rules will be observed and enforced.

Please follow these rules when flying at our field, Thank You!

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