With the growing popularity of Quad drones and FPV (First Person Viewing) technology, we created two Quad Courses. One course will be a Precision Landing/Obstacle course and the second will be a Racing Course. Scroll down to see the pictures of both courses. 
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Quad Courses

Precision Landing/Obstacle Course

FPV Assignment Board
Prior to using your FPV (First Person View) equipment, please visit the FPV assignment board to see which frequencies are in use, then marking which frequencies you will be using. (Use the colored golf tees to mark which frequencies you will be using and write your name at the top.) 

Overall view of the Quad Racing Course

New Covered Pilot Area.

We have reconfigured the Quad Race Course  so that it is larger, gentler oval course which is a medium difficulty course. Run your quads through the gates and verticle flags in a counter clockwise direction when racing (see diagram at the bottom). Gates are donated from Armando Gallegos who left them after he took up his gates.
Obstacle Course
The Obstacle course was moved to the center of the racing course (see diagram at the bottom of the page). The course includes hoops, a two story cube and quad tunnel to manuver your drone through. The obstacle course was set up to be used with or without FPV goggles so that pilots can practice their manuvering skills.

Panoramic View of the new course.

Diagram of the new course layout.

View of the start gate.

New Quad Race Course is Ready!
Scroll down to see the new layout.

View of the start blocks.

View of the quad tunnel.

Start Gate & 2 Story Cube

2 Hoops and Tunnel Obstacles