With the growing popularity of Quad drones and FPV (First Person Viewing) technology, we are working to create two Quad Courses. One course will be a Precision Landing/Obstacle course and the second will be a Racing Course. On April 27th, we have completed the first phases to both courses. Scroll down to see the initial pictures of both courses. 
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Quad Courses

Precision Landing/Obstacle Course

Racing Course

FPV Assignment Board
Prior to using your FPV (First Person View) equipment, please visit the FPV assignment board to see which frequencies are in use, then marking which frequencies you will be using. (Use the colored golf tees to mark which frequencies you will be using and write your name at the top.) 

Overall view of the Precision Landing/Obstacle Course

The Starting Block.

Through the arch to block A.

To blocks B & C.

Through the Limbo bars.

The course consists of 10 gates (5' tall) in an oval pattern.

Races can be run in either direction (CW or CCW).

The Starting Pads & Gate.

View through the South Gates

View through the North gates.

Future Upgrades to the Quad Courses

We will be adding additional gates to the current race course (highlighted in blue) so that it has a total of 10 gates. Additionally, we will be creating an extension to race course so that it also runs along the length of the runway. On the Quad Obstacle course we will be adding additional obstacles such as hoops and tunnels for the quads to fly through.