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2021 Angelo RC Annual Texas Indoor New Years Fly-In
Angelo RC Inc. is proud to present the 15th annual Texas Indoor New Years Fly-In. March 5th, 6th & 7th, 2021.

Additional Pilot Information!
 Come fly the friendliest skies indoors!
This is an AMA sanctioned event. Current AMA card required to fly. 
For more infor-mation, call Mark Greer, CD (325) 450-0635 or e-mail .  Visit our Facebook page at:
8am-1pm: Pilot Access for Setup. Open flying until 1pm.
1pm: Raffle drawing
2pm: Fast delta demo, afterwards open flying.
3 pm: Balloon bust.
4 pm: Night flying session, afterward resume open flying
4:30pm-Midnight: Open flying (Pilots Only).
Midnight all out of building.
15th Annual TINY Fly-In Schedule of Events (Tenative)!
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8am-1pm: Pilot Access for Setup. Open flying until 1pm.
1 pm-2pm: balloon bust #1, afterward resume open flying.
2 pm: Fast Delta demo, afterward resume open flying.
3 pm: TINY survivor
4 pm: Night flying session, afterward resume open flying
4:30 pm: Balloon bust #2, afterward, open flying.
5:00pm-Midnight: Open flying.
6:30-7pm Kenny Blanek Catered Dinner ($16 per person)
Dinner will be served in the front lobby.
Midnight: All out of building everything unplugged.
  1. All Pilots flying in our event must have a current AMA membership.
  2. Pilots will have access into the Coliseum from 8am to Midnight on Friday, Saturday & Sunday (March 5th, 6th, 7th). Pilots can enter through the East entrance ramp of the Coliseum. Setup tables are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.
  3. Landing fees are $25/day with 2 raffle tickets, $60/3 day pass with 10 raffle tickets. You can register and pay for the landing fees below or at the day of the event.
  4. A catered meal will be available for purchase on Saturday night. Cost for the meal will be around $15 per person. Sign up for the meal at the registration desk by 5pm. In the past, the meal consists of BBQ, sides, tea and dessert.
  5. If you have any questions about the TINY Fly-In, please contact the Contest Director, Mark Greer, at 325-450-0635 or email at "".
#33 Bill Haygood – Foam Tac Glue (Jim Mohling)
#39 Charlie Campbell – Electric Propellers (Gary Jones)
#22 William Perry – 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#44 Richard Ng – 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#39 Charlie Campbell – 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#15 James Hicks – 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#2 Steve Shropshire – 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#30 Robert Evans– 3S 800mAH Battery (Seth Jackson)
#9 Wyck Livingston -  Picoo Z Helicopter (Mike McDougal)
#2 Steve Shropshire – TINY Fly-In T-Shirt
#23 Jimmy Allen – Pie Plane (James Hicks)

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's TINY Fly-In! This year we had a very successful event with 56 pilots signing up. Below are a list of Raffle Winners and pictures from this year's event!

Note: The concession stand will not be open this year, so make arrangements to feed yourself. Sorry for the inconvienence.

#50 AJ Deardorff - Slow Delta (Gary Jones)
#24 Jay May – Joe Gross Killawatt (Joe Gross)
# 10 John Sellers – Mini Vapor Plane (Bill Haygood)
#47 Seth Patton – Flight Test Spitfire (Bill Haygood)
#8 Chuck Harris – SU30 Flanker Airframe (Bill Haygood)
#18 Robert “Mongo” Wornell – Runcam (Bill Haygood)
#22 William Perry - Runcam (Bill Haygood)
#44 Richard Ng – Edge 540 (Bill Haygood)
#33 Bill Haygood – Clik 21 (Joe Gross)
#25 Tom Blakeney – Futaba 6J Radio (Charlie Campbell)
#41 David Wagner – Futaba 16SZ Radio (Joe Gross)
List of Raffle Winners (Donors):
2021 TINY Fly-In Photos!